A scenario: Through a glaring error in calculation, you’ve just cost the company you work for, a multi-million-dollar contract. Arriving at your office a couple days later, you are, unsurprisingly, summoned to a meeting. Not your supervisor’s office, but upstairs to the office of the firm’s CEO. The corner office! You are personally escorted, shaking, knowing what’s to come. Once seated in the empty room, you wait several anxious minutes. The CEO enters, warmly shakes your hand, and is seated, smiling broadly. (You are barely breathing.) He explains that he and his family have just built a new home and were just moved in when they changed their minds, deciding to build again, elsewhere (what does this have to do with anything? Why is he telling you this?) He proceeds to reveal the purpose of this meeting. He has decided to give you his new house! You can’t help staring, wondering about the punchline. As your mind reels, searching for solid, reality footing, you realize he is asking you something. He wants you to come and see the house with him!

Thirty minutes later, driving up to the magnificent home, your heart racing, your palms sweating, half enjoying this crazy dream (it must be a dream), you again hear him talking, actually welcoming you to your new home. Entering, you need to suppress the nervous laughter threatening to spoil the fantasy. The place is spectacular! And their furniture, still in place, is brand new. He casually mentions that it all stays. The three cars in the garage are included. The kitchen is fully stocked. The pool, hot tub, and barbecue grill in the backyard, all stay. Visions of Jed Clampett, and the theme music of the sitcom, ‘The Beverly Hillbillies,’ cross your mind, causing you to glance down to make sure you aren’t in overalls.

A stop at a bank on the return trip reveals that a checking account has been established in your name, which will receive a substantial deposit every month starting immediately. Arriving at the office, the CEO mentions there is more, but for now, wishes you a pleasant day before driving away (not a word about the mess for which you’re responsible!). In a full daze, you somehow make your way back to your office .  .  . Had you said anything at all, or had you just gaped, rendered mute?

–       –       –       –

The above scenario is my woefully inadequate attempt to lay out the magnitude of the gift of our Salvation in earthly, material terms. To say it hardly compares is an understatement! God’s gift to us defies description. It is richer, fuller, more incredible than words can convey. But we’ll try again tomorrow to talk more about it, 10 AM, 4 PM.  PD

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