Not all aspects of God’s character shine through us with equal brilliance, but there’s one that seems

universally potent – freedom! It’s in evidence from our earliest “I’ll do it myself!”, to a longing for

summer holidays away from teachers and school classrooms, to the workers’ plaintive, ‘TGIF.’ And what

adult doesn’t remember the delicious emancipation of that first solo drive with a newly minted driving

permit? And even today, eons past the school days when my mother would adjure, “Take off your

school clothes before you go out to play,” when I come home from the office, I typically put on

something comfortable, telling Sue I’m taking off my school clothes (symbolic remnants of childhood’s

freedoms?). Adventure seekers may be the closest expression to that divine character trait, as they

typically crave wide-open spaces, unfettered opportunities, an ample serving of high risk. Or, for the less

intrepid Freemans, when driving through countryside for the first time, we may say, tongue in cheek,

and with dramatic flair, ‘Once again, going where no man has gone before!’ All these expressions point

to a much larger reality, that the One who designed us, strategically inserted a specific ‘freedom gene,’

an inescapable thirsting for more, for greater, for higher; ultimately, for Him, in Whom is found total


But much of what God has chosen to be our destiny (ie, freedom), is susceptible to corruption, by our

collective fallenness, Satan himself, and/or the world system. If this were not the case, Jesus’ saying, “If

the Son sets you free from sin, then become a true son [daughter] and be unquestionably free!” (John

8:36, TPT) would make no sense. But as it is, our in-Jesus freedom is constantly under siege, requiring

our prayerful vigilance. And because we don’t want to miss out on one iota of God’s goodness, and

certainly not on the thrill of freedom, let’s talk more about this tomorrow at 10 AM, 4 PM, 6PM. PD

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