Of all that’s become evident in the past twelve months, perhaps the most glaring is universal impatience. We’re all familiar with drivers, unable to tolerate anyone in front of them for at least fifty car lengths, erratically cutting in and out of traffic, flashing lights, tailgating, rudely gesturing. Or folks fuming because there’s not a customer-free cash register as the ‘royal we’ rolls up. Or the offended mumbling when put ‘on hold’ – and hearing the now famous: “Your call is very important to us .  .  .” That’s what we’ve known for a long while, but the mighty tribulation of this past year has drastically ramped up the volume of these reactions, causing overspill into every domain. The entire world is in ‘short fuse’ mode. We’ve arrived at our ‘last nerve’ globally. All the ‘small stuff’ we were encouraged to not sweat, has vaporized and we are collectively schlepping, and sweating, only ‘big stuff.’ From pre=-schoolers to teens to moms and dads, to grandparents, the now-edgy, amplified nursery rhyme warning is: ‘I’m the King of the Castle and you’re the dirty rascal. So get outta my way! What IS your problem, anyway?’

Into this clamorous setting, the Prince of Peace re-affirms his invitation to stand down from our high dudgeon, to breathe in his promise, to be still and know Him, to again rise up with wings of eagles, to soar sun-drenched skies, to listen for his song. What is discovered there, in his chosen-for-us anointed place, is a wholesomeness of spirit, a kind of ‘factory reset,’ an absence of soul-agitation, a slowed heartbeat, an inner calm, his Shalom. Jesus made us to abide there, enjoying his Presence, and only there. His invitation is to come away from the outer darkness where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth into the warmth of his embrace, the feasting at his table, and into the concert hall where the Singer dwells. If you listen, you’ll hear him. And you’ll be glad you did. Promise. PD

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