Big reveals are pretty popular these days. Numerous home reno TV shows conclude with them. Newborn babies, after that long, nine-month wait, are big reveals, too. Commercial buildings that have undergone extensive renovations are like that, too. When new statues are displayed in public for the first time, it’s quite a celebration. When Thrive, our local ministry supporting the poor in our community opens the doors of its new facility in a few weeks, likewise – a big and exciting reveal, with a new and classy logo to go with it!  For the past few years, as we’ve flown in and out of the Kansas City Airport, there has been a massive building project happening. Lots of dirt. Lots of big equipment. Stacks of material everywhere. Many detours around the site-in-progress. No signs showing what the improvements eventually would be. Until this month! We discovered the brand new, airy, bright, terminal which replaces the outdated one we’ve always used. Wow! We were very impressed! Kudos to the architects and the builders! The ceiling art and sculptures are super cool, too.

Another word for these revelations is unveilings. When a new piece of art is installed in a gallery, it is often covered up in anticipation of the unveiling ceremony, attended by the artist and major donors of the gallery. Its first viewing is met with appreciative applause and much oohing and aahing and congratulating of the artist.  An elegant reception often follows with an opportunity to chat with the creator of the newest arrival.

The greatest unveiling of all time is described in book #66 of the Bible – Revelation, alternately called the Unveiling. This unveiling attempts, in highly descriptive language, highly symbolic language, and with many allusions to the language of the Old Testament, to paint the up-til-now unthinkably, divinely beautiful, image of the risen Christ in all his glory (no mean task in any language!) It might be thought that the first look, the unveiling, would be reserved for an elite class of believers, the likes of which we could never hope to find ourselves belonging. But, no! We are all invited to participate in this glorious non-ceremony. The book is open. The invitation has been issued. Mysteriously, we have been inwardly transformed and are now included in the Beloved, invited as front-row guests to the feast. More tomorrow, 10 AM, 2 PM UK, 3 PM FR. (Europe time change is this weekend! Fall back, y’all!)  PD

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