This is a friend’s profound sentiment. His point, perhaps obvious, is that once a problem/situation/set of circumstances has been identified, that is merely step one. The knowing, in itself, doesn’t alter what currently exists, what is producing consternation at some level or another. Action is required. A new direction. An attitude adjustment. A revamping of ‘the way it’s always been done.’ Addressing a toxic home/work environment. Having the hard conversations. A willingness to ‘look in the mirror.’ And then, form a plan for the ‘new’ that has sustainability, not settling for the quick fix which fades into non-existence. In nearly every domain of life this pertains. What presents itself as ‘easy as 1-2-3’ often fails to get the job done: fad diets, New Year’s resolutions, all-nighter study binges, more caffeine, giving up in a family/work scenario, moving/running away, etc.

In this first month of 2022, we each are receiving Jesus’ invitation to come up higher (I think it’s his favorite invitation of all!). As we take stock of our own spiritual journey, I think we are all aware of things in our lives that we’d be happy to see (miraculously) fixed. You wake up one morning and Presto, Change-o! Temptations vanished, relationships satisfactorily restored, all family and friends lovingly swept into the Kingdom, Bible reading and prayer the new white-hot activity of the day, newfound love for God, family, neighbors, bosses, strangers and enemies overwhelmingly motivating, all sickness, weakness, age related issues – POOF! Ah! That’s livin’ the dream! I’ve had dreams like that. And the effects usually last until I open my eyes and reality swarms back into view before my feet hit the floor. But you know what? We are the most blessed people in the world! The change we hope for is within reach! Remember Peter’s words? “Everything we could ever need for life and godliness has already been deposited in us by his divine power.” Not ours, Hallelujah! HIS! Since we’ve received the whole positively divine power pack, it means that whatever changes need to be made, whatever areas of growth most need addressing, they are all achievable, they are all fully provisioned. Someone has wisely advised: ‘Act as if it all depends on you. Pray as if it all depends on Him.’ More of Jesus. Less of us. More of his unfailing power. Less of our piddling supply. More of his tenderly approving voice. Less of our self-criticisms and self-judgments. More of his Shalom. Less of our futile, soul-wearying handwringing. Simply More in ‘22! I love what our British friends would say, “Let’s get stuck in!”  PD

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