From parents to beach lifeguards to bodyguards to EMTs to medical personnel to Fire & Rescue to Search & Rescue, it is a common thread – preserve life and safety to whatever extent it is possible, many times putting the rescuers at great risk in the process. In accidents, it is the number one priority to remove all people from danger (and all victims from the site and from view). These extraordinary, and costly, measures speak to the value we place on, and the respect we have for, all lives. Ironically, in the midst of increasing global animosity and distrust and warfare and greed and a clamoring for the spotlight, there continue to be massive outpourings of compassion and provision of heroic lifesaving measures (where sin abounds grace abounds even more – Romans 5).

God, too, Scripture tells us, is not willing that even one should perish, but that all should come to find life in Him. The life and testimony of His Son, Jesus, are undeniable and shocking evidences of the lengths God is willing to go to provide lifesaving measures for mankind, not just from the rubble of a collapsed building, but from the otherwise inescapable eternal torture of sin and death. The incredible patience of Jesus waiting thirty years before launching out on his mission to redeem and restore mankind! The incredible passion of Jesus accepting death on a cross to redeem and restore mankind! The incredible love of Jesus to continue providing a way of escape to a redeemed and restored mankind! The incredible forbearance of Jesus to make available to a weak and often wayward humanity ongoing forgiveness of sins! The incredible generosity of Jesus to offer his Spirit as an in-house Source of protective guidance! People who receive a donated, life-saving organ, are flooded with gratitude to the donor. They have life because of sacrifice. Their story forever tells of this miraculous gift received. Their families’ stories, too, will be shaped by the generosity of one person’s sacrifice. And their stories will be told often, with joy. May it be a lesson for all of us. PD

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