You talk about amazing design! God deposited in our bodies such a level of efficiency that he can download a whole day’s worth of love and grace and discernment in just 480 minutes while we sleep. Busy night for Him, blissful unawareness for us. Then, each morning, rested and refreshed, our God Awareness Meters reading 100%, we wake to another 960 minutes of knowing joy in His presence, fully resourced to respond to the day’s events, buoyant with holy confidence, content to be surrounded by the non-anxious presence of the Holy Spirit. That describes a normal day in the life of a follower of Jesus as God planned it. Not your normal day? Joyful, saturated, buoyant, contented, non-anxious, not accurate descriptors for you most days? Don’t touch that dial! There’s hope! 

As we take time to consider the absence of any of those incredible provisions, we will discover where the leak is. (this is what the Holy Spirit loves doing for us!). God is completely unchangeable. His work in us, this filling up, goes on with divine regularity, night after night after night. So, what is causing the leakage? What derails our joy? What weighs us down? What causes our souls to be disturbed? What is the source of that nagging anxiety? We can take these questions to the Lord in prayer, trusting that He will answer. He, for sure, wants us ‘free indeed,’ unhindered by the enemy’s schemes against us. Jesus’ words, in John 10:10, come to mind: “A thief has only one thing in mind – he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect – life in its fullness until you overflow!” TPT Let’s employ the questions in bold, above, any time we sense a lack of fullness, or a hunger for more of Him (which is, itself, a telltale sign of leakage), an off day, a bad attitude, etc. I believe we can (must?) live fully ‘in the moment’ with Jesus, even as we are called to address the ills of the world around us, lighting and salting our assigned 960. This might just be what being an overcomer is like! Do you overflow?  PD

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