I love to read. And my favorite authors are the ones who create characters who are not only believable, but who, within just a few pages, have me hearing their voices, picturing the way they walk, the nuances in their talking, and largely, whether or not I’m going to like them. These penned figures become so lifelike in reading the book’s following 300 or so pages (big books are the best!), that, should a movie adaptation be made, I find it difficult to get into the story if the casting director has chosen actors ill-suited to portray the characters the way they really are (in my vivid imagination). I mean, I know these people! Why can’t the movie execs see that that actor is most definitely not that character? sigh

Maybe it’s the opposite thing that happens with Canada geese (not Canadian, please!). To me, they all look alike, but to them, there must be clear distinctions. I’ve read that they mate for life and mourn a long time should the mate die. But it remains a mystery to me how they find each other in a crowd. Even more so, emperor penguins in the Antarctic. I see no differences at all between them. Watching a documentary on a colony of a couple thousand of these peculiar birds was fascinating! They know each other – with ease! And in a huge waddle of kindred waddlers, too!

Then, there’s the fascinating thing about dogs recognizing other dogs despite the proliferation of designer breeds. I mean, how does a Great Dane recognize a teacup Poodle as a dog? Or how does a German Shepherd recognize a Labrahuahua as one of his ilk? Then, there are Chorkies, Beabulls, and Dorkies! And in all this mesmerizing array, all dogs distinguish one another from cats! So cool! Coincidence??

My disjointed ramble has a point, I hope. Our Master Designer has meticulously fashioned every one of his creatures and, Scripture tells us, knows them by name. Imagine! Even the squirrels and field mice and sparrows! “Don’t be in fear of those who can kill only the body but not your soul. Fear only God, who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. You can buy two sparrows for only a copper coin, yet not even one sparrow falls from its nest without the knowledge of your Father. Aren’t you worth much more to God than many sparrows? So don’t worry. For your Father cares deeply about even the smallest detail of your life.” Matthew 10: 28-31, TPT.

The point I hope to make: If a sparrow falling from its nest, which we rarely, if ever, notice has God’s attention, then that level of detail applied to us is multiplied many hundreds of times over.  Our aches and pains and sorrows and celebrations draw him close to our side. Our anxious thoughts in cultural upheaval, closer. Our terrors in war, closer still. Our imprisonments and deaths in wartime likely summon legions of angels to our side, accompanying us on our final journeys until we arrive safely home. James tells us: “If your faith remains strong, even while surrounded by life’s difficulties, you will continue to experience the untold blessings of God!” (you know what? We have no idea of the depths of the riches of the promises of God that are ours in Jesus!) “True happiness comes as you pass the test with faith, and receive the victorious crown of life promised to every lover of God!” James 1:12, TPT. Do you get my point?  PD

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