We’ve all seen it – that little spinning orb announcing one of the ‘joys’ of internet connectivity – buffering. And we’ve watched as the progress bar creeps along from 0:00 to the finish line like a sloth responding to a joke (ie. Flash, in Disney’s ‘Zootopia’). On a positive note, as I listened to a Podcast recently, I remarked to myself, with much satisfaction, the steady, uninterrupted advance of the time indicator, and was appreciative of getting to hear the entire presentation without fits and starts. This noticing sparked a thought, which blossomed into the real focus of today’s installment.  I look at our in-Christ lives as journeys to the Father’s heart, that begin the first moment we awaken to the loving presence of Jesus as Lord and Savior, and continue, nonstop, till the final moment before we see Jesus face to face. What’s new in my thinking, is picturing our journeys as, perhaps, God sees them, with time bars (or whatever the technical name for them happens to be) like on a downloaded film or song or whatever else. In my imagination, God sees the full-length of our ‘in-Christ’ lives on His ‘screen’, complete with the ever-advancing indicators at the bottom. Here’s what’s cool: He already knows all the details: our detours and hissy fits and face plants and rebellious interludes as well as all our brilliant ‘Aha!’ moments, our deepest worship times, our list of stunning breakthroughs in prayer, our sacrificial, Kingdom ambassadorship, and our full-on involvement in developing loving relationships and loving communities (Don’t roll those eyes! All that, and more, is still possible, regardless of what has happened, or not happened up till now. I mean, who knows what else He has in store for us? Right? Am I right?) And, beyond all that, He keeps rooting for us, all along our journey, supplying us with mega doses of encouragement, divine hesed/agape! He’s eternally encouraged at our staying in the fight (which includes all the messing up and having to get His help getting back in the game). So, where are we on our journey’s timeline? What’s ahead? What’s He asking? What’s His invitation today? I love one Podcast speaker’s life goal of having ‘a heart preset to YES!’  ALL ABOARD!  PD

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