A Note from Pastor DON

Below is a prayer for this day, written by Ted Loder in his book of compiled prayers: My Heart in my Mouth. Please read it only when you have a quiet moment to savor his creative phrasing, letting the full impact splash down into your soul, washing away yesterday’s leftover worries and sadnesses, buoying you up to engage, unhindered, the theme of the day, whether with friends or family or cocooned snugly in your favorite chair, in your favorite corner, maybe still in your jammies (because you can), just you and Jesus. And don’t forget the marshmallows in that steaming mug of hot cocoa. 😊 PD


Thankful Beyond Understanding

O God, source of this whole shebang, we thank you that in your bewildering wisdom, and for your oft puzzling purposes, you launched us on this wondrous exodus of life toward the promised time of freedom and fulfillment, and that in your staggering compassion you girded up to be our traveling companion until we find our way to each other and your kingdom.

We are thankful to you for gifts of taken-for-granted commonness: the song of a bird, the strum of wind, the hundred shades of green, a parent’s praying patience, a friend’s voice, a changed way, work worth doing, children’s questions, a new thought; our bodies, enough food, wine slowly shared, a quiet walk, the touch of hands, catch of eyes, hark of dreams, the wash of rain, snuggle of darkness, stardust on the roof, the assuring, disquieting sense of your presence in it all, the goad to repentance, the nudge to gratitude in the utterly everywhere of small miracles.

Most of all we are thankful beyond understanding it that even in adversity, pain, and suffering, even in the face of defeat and death, as in all else, your Spirit labors for our healing, resilience, and deliverance, leaving on us your eternal fingerprints of grace and glory; through Christ our Lord.


Excerpt from book My Heart in My Mouth, by Ted Loder

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