Yesterday, I performed a science experiment at home (not the exploding kind). It involved 14 elements of differing characteristics. Each was carefully measured to exacting standards to produce the desired chemical reaction. Certain ones ‘disappeared’ within the admixture while others made a noticeable and lasting impact. Once this entire, unlikely combination was complete, I subjected it to a pre-determined period of intense heat. The results, if I do say so myself, were most satisfying.

Some observations from my experiment: the original elements, as now combined, were no longer separable. They had become something entirely new. Some added volume. Others contributed to the final texture. Others, when enclosed in a heated compartment, broke down their molecular structure, melding with others. Others brought out a dizzyingly pleasing aroma.  The cooling period formed a surface on the experiment, significantly different from when first removed from the heat source. The scientific name of the experiment: Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cake. The final stage of the experiment, once dusted with powdered sugar, will be our neighbors’ tasting at the end of the meal Sue is graciously providing for this evening.

My Eureka! moment after the ‘experiment’ was how similar the baking of a cake is to our becoming one with Christ. We, the Church, are the many varied ‘elements’ combined to make One. We are different from one another at the onset, some of us even ‘unpalatable’ on our own, but once united with Christ, crucified and risen with him, we are entirely New Creatures, fully absorbed into him, now unreturnable to our original state, reflecting the fully accomplished joining as God designed it before Creation (nothing needs to be added and our adversary can isolate nothing. Not now. Not ever). Like the baked cake, the about-to-be-born Church Jesus died for was Finished on the cross. And each ‘element,’ inert on its own, had to be acted upon, measured, mixed, broken, beaten, stirred, enfolded, and finally baked. A thoroughly delicious plan. To God be all the supreme glory and honor! PD

PS. I do recognize that those who do not have a sweet tooth (I hear that’s possible) will not appreciate any intrinsic value in my Eureka! moment. Perhaps I could prevail upon you to provide a savory parallel? And as always, a humanly constructed analogy eventually falls apart in attempting to describe the interaction of the Divine with the mortal. I confess said failing.

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