Primary school children only know their teachers at school, assuming that, at the end of the school day, their teacher is wheeled into a closet, then wheeled out again for the next day’s instructions. I thought similarly. My first-grade teacher was the lovely Miss Howe! She was ideal! I was happy, after weekends, to get back to school to see her. My second-grade teacher was Mrs. Snowdon, but she had also been my first-grade teacher! She got a new name over the summer! Perplexing!

As adults, we may see some people in certain venues only, like at the gym in the morning, or as the barista at the coffee shop, or the mechanic at the garage. Seeing them at a restaurant or concert or wedding, etc., requires some re-orientation. They may even be unrecognizable at first, or we may ask ourselves where we know them from. Since COVID lockdowns (now thankfully fading from memory), we’ve gotten to know people on a Zoom platform for various meetings. It’s crazy how meeting them afterward, in person, can be disorienting! Somehow, strangely, they don’t look like the same person.

When the Apostle John saw the glorified Jesus, his reaction was understandable – hit the deck! So much the same yet entirely different. Same loving person yet terrifyingly majestic. And, true to character, Jesus reassured John that he was safe with no reason to be afraid. Just seeing the Master after 50 or so years, with so much that had happened in that time, was overwhelming. To be given an assignment of such importance, was life’s humblest moment. Jesus still saw him. Jesus still cared for him.  Jesus loved his whole church and wanted her to know he was still with her to encourage and to affirm her. 

Better even than that, for us, is that Jesus is still with us and for us. He still watches over us like a hen her chicks. He still desires intimate fellowship with his ‘kids.’ He still forgives and restores. He still provides his Spirit for our strengthening and direction. And he is still jealous for our love and worship. He is still ‘a Rewarder of those who sincerely seek him.’ (Hebrews 11:6, NLT). Sweet!  PD

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