Yogi Berra

It makes me nervous. Really nervous. There’s a trucking company on the West Coast that has a small fleet of 20 un-manned, electronic-circuit-controlled, 18-wheel rigs. It isn’t just the strange appearance of an empty cab rolling down the highway, it’s also the need to trust a machine that is responsible for staying in its own lane – especially when I’m the one in the next lane! And in an emergency, I’d want to stay confident that its program wouldn’t experience a glitch at the wrong time. I’m guessing the sounding of my horn or the flashing of my headlights wouldn’t be sufficient to alert that moving metal monster beside me of my presence. Can it panic? Would it pray? Because I’d be doing both simultaneously.

But that’s the way we are, isn’t it? Constantly pushing the envelope to see what’s possible, even what’s not yet possible. Not a bad thing, really, as science and technology are working tirelessly to make improvements in every area of our lives. These improvements, however, demand adjustments to our routines. I remember my mother vowing she would never have one of the fancy automatic washing machines. Never! The wringer type was better, provided a satisfying hands-on experience, and was far more trustworthy. Until, one mysterious day, a white piece of machinery was being carefully delivered to our basement. (At least the outdoor clothesline was sacred! (well. . .) The same held true for microwaves. They would never find a place in her kitchen (We didn’t razz her too much after its arrival). While there’d never been an opinion voiced in my presence, it was a total surprise when her waterbed showed up!

It isn’t just technology. Ideas, too, progress, and sometimes rapidly. And like the former, many new ideas are great. A problem with humanity, though, is that we often don’t know or choose to recognize the limits to what is beneficial. If the tipping point is reached and we continue, what started out as a positive can quickly call up the law of diminishing returns. Yet we keep going! One word that doesn’t apply here is ‘equilibrium’. Currently, this is the world we live in. Common sense isn’t that common today. Extremes are reached, and instead of reaching across the divide, volcanic accusations spew from one side to the other. The pandemic brought on a lockdown. This societal impasse is an idea lockdown. Voices are now so loud no one is hearing anything. And so, to fix this, voices become louder still.

While we may be unhappy about the current world’s state, Jesus calls us and invites us for just such a time as this. And we’ve been given everything needed for life and godliness (according to Peter), along with the long view, to bring perspective, to facilitate reconciliation, and to model healthy, appealing, balanced, Kingdom citizenship. Even, maybe especially, with those with whom we disagree. This in-Jesus lifestyle is not only possible, but mandated. So, we can do this, church! Looking forward to seeing y’all tomorrow, 10 AM, 3 PM, UK, 4 PM, FR.  PD

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