Knotted shoelaces, twisted garden hoses, snarled strings of Christmas lights, to name a few of life’s deepest mysteries. Well, OK, minor irritations. Let’s just say, any of these things at the start of the day is unwelcome, an interruption, a de-motivator. The one good thing is that each is fixable with patience and perseverance (that notwithstanding, I much prefer slip-ons).

Sometimes perceptions are like that, too. Clouded with unpleasant, dark, perplexing, images. Giving rise to a vague sensation of uneasiness, maybe even dread. And because they are intangibles, we tend to steer clear of them, tending to replace them with pretty thoughts and relegating them to the far back burner of forgetfulness.

But what if they could be unmasked for the error they represent? What if the distortion could be set right? What if the truth could be unveiled, lifting off the weightiness of misunderstanding, blowing the clouds away, letting sunshine warm the chill that was?

To realize, for example, that the book of Revelation is Jesus’ re-affirmation of ongoing love for us is one such sky-clearing truth. To hear him, in his fully glorified state, speak with the Eternal, All-Authority afforded him is simply brilliant! We can breathe again when someone mentions this last book of the Bible, this good and Final Word. We can now eagerly search out the clues which were never intended to be obscure, never meant to burden us or frighten us with strange imagery. We can even expect to find Jesus and his joy in the reading! Turns out it’s a page-turner to the last word! I’ll take that!  PD

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