No matter one’s taste in music, the list of love songs is near endless. Sometimes a celebration of found love, sometimes expressing an ache to be loved, sometimes exposing the searing pain of heartbreak. And because God is love, each of these songs can be compared or contrasted with His love for us, his adopted children. One Country song of a grateful heart for love found has a line in the lyrics that, adapted slightly, goes like this: ‘God blessed the broken road that led me straight to [Him].’ These simple words paint a telling picture of many hearts who find life in God. It’s often in retrospect we see His hand ever present through storms and trials and setbacks and disappointments and detours. But when our eyes finally see the truth of His still-abiding love, overwhelming gratitude displaces the tough slog of the journey, bringing healing.

We are celebrating fathers (and those who are father figures) this weekend. One day a year isn’t too much to recognize them and the mammoth task they have been assigned. Our Heavenly Father, mentioned approximately 1,000 times in the New Testament (depending on the translation), is the blueprint after which men are to conduct their lives. A lofty model to be sure! And since each man has known some aspect of the aforementioned ‘broken road,’ much prayer covering is required for them to live into their high calling of representing the Father’s loving character in all their relationships, indeed in all areas of their lives. This is, obviously, a full-blown impossibility unless the Holy Spirit guides and strengthens each guy (including each male pastor).

There is good news here. We’ve been given great detail into God’s character, so the picture is clear for us. And it’s His love suffusing everything He does and says that is revealed in His promises to us. The ‘disciple whom Jesus loved,’ the Apostle John, insists on drawing attention to each of these precious revelations. Maybe it was being on the humbling, receiving end of this never-before-experienced love that prevented him from naming himself in the Gospel account he penned. Maybe it was the mellowing that comes with maturity. Maybe it was simply the stark realization of his unworthiness.

Regardless of our place on this journey to the Father’s heart, the promises stand tall and irrevocable. After ‘a journey to a far-off land’ (Luke 15:13). After a time of wishy-washy commitment. After a time of pre-occupation with lesser things. After a life of sin and debauchery, while dying on a cross (Luke 23:40-43). Open arms await to receive and celebrate. We are abundantly blessed to be seen and known by this Love. See you ‘loved ones’ tomorrow, 10 AM, 4 PM FR.  PD

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