“… turning, till we turn round right”
March 6, 2022

 “… turning, till we turn round right”

Passage: Luke 18:1, Luke 18:9-17
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Jesus’ Galilean ‘Band of Brothers’ was constantly being surprised by aspects of God’s Kingdom never before imagined. Most of it was super cool and even thrilling, but some of it was so far outside their experience they just checked out, missed the point, were left groping for a foothold. They regularly came to Jesus with a need for more information, for him to repeat what he’d said, to have it translated for their rudimentary context. And it wasn’t just his teachings. It was also how he lived, what he chose to forego, what uncommon attitude he displayed. After watching, and hearing, the way he talked with his Father, and realizing that this, too, must be a ‘style’ of praying, they asked him how they might do it.

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