THE SONG: Rahab Heard it
March 7, 2021

THE SONG: Rahab Heard it

Passage: Joshua 2: 1, Joshua 2:9-14, Joshua 6: 15-25, Hebrews 11:31, Matthew 1:5, James 2: 21-25
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It’s embarrassing! It’s cringingly awkward! God’s love story talks about – it. The church’s prudish sensitivities are never on fuller display than when the Word includes tales of illicit love affairs, seductions, rapes, people caught ‘in the act’, even the ‘world’s oldest profession.’ But there it is, in print for all to see and read. One of the Old Testament books was considered so racy, young men were strongly encouraged, if sometimes commanded, to not read it for fear of the troublesome consequences. And yet, God! And that love song! No one is excluded from its invitation. Not even a prostitute! It’s been said: “God sees from on high, but he looks real low.” The ‘lowly’ Rahab heard it.

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