September 13, 2020

The Presence of the Future


The Presence of the Future
(Enacted Inaugurated Eschatology)

Bethlehem. A Star. A Baby. Shepherds. Who ever would have guessed that an event so improbable and obscure would have forever, tectonic-plate-shifting, cultural consequences? The four centuries of silence from the heavens had concluded with a newborn’s cry in a barn on a cold, dark night with only animals and shepherds as witnesses. Light in the darkness. Holiness in lowliness. Heaven on earth. Future now. And the juxtaposition of ages creates as much consternation today as then. The upside-down Kingdom with its otherworldly claims is repeatedly defied by this-worldly power sources attempting to push their already-upstaged agenda. (reminding us of the story of Sisyphus, punished in the underworld by Zeus to roll a boulder up a mountain for eternity.) Welcome to 2020, the time between the times, the now and the not yet.

Matthew 25:1-13
What is Jesus communicating? _________________________________________________

What is his main point? _________________________________________________________

What is a good title for this? ____________________________________________________

1. Eschatology – ___________________________________________________________

2. Inaugurated – ___________________________________________________________

3. Enacted – _______________________________________________________________

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