July 12, 2020

Still Waters, Still Restoring

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Picture a lake that evokes these words: placid, limpid, serene, untroubled, transparent, clear. Ahh! That would be a setting providing good medicine for restoring one’s soul. Room to breathe. Space enough to be unhurried. Mellow enough to collect what’s scattered, to quiet what’s demanding, to believe what’s promised. Unplugged enough to float ideas. Free enough to daydream, to lollygag, to dilly-dally. It’s incredibly significant that Jesse’s youngest son, David, the passion-driven shepherd/musician/poet/warrior/lover/king/national hero, came to know the God of Israel, his God, as One who provided that very thing. A thousand years later, Jesus affirmed that his Father had not changed but was continuing to make provision for the full soul-restoration of his children.

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