January 21, 2018

Are We There Yet?

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“Are we there yet?” You’ve either said it yourself or heard it coming from the back seat while navigating gridlock on I-95 – or I-85 or I-(you fill in your favorite number). The very asking is its own self-evident response. The answer coming back at you as you squirm in your car seat, or from you as you note your rising neck tension in the driver’s seat, is invariably unsatisfactory. It also begs its HML follow-up. Jesus launched his church on a Kingdom journey over 2,000 years ago. With a promise to stay at the wheel until the trek was 100%. So, back to the question. And its (sigh) self-evident response. (and HML?). So, 2018 holds for us another ‘leg’ of the Kingdom journey! With Jesus! And each other! What grand adventures await? What gifts will He call up and out of us? What will we end up participating in that we never saw coming? How cool is this going to be?? More tomorrow at 10 AM.

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