“It’s not at all what I was expecting. It was so disappointing!” Has that, or something like it, ever been your lament? Have you ever heard someone wax eloquent and rapturous about an experience or a visit that built great excitement in you? So much so, that you couldn’t wait to see for yourself, only to be let down by the reality? I recently heard of a couple visiting a much-storied city with high (really high!) hopes of being welcomed with open arms, almost like long lost relatives. You can just imagine the shock when, upon arriving, the poor, unaware citizens of said city failed to deliver the much-anticipated red carpet treatment! The couple’s response was almost Biblical! (wiping the dust off their feet, etc.) So, was the city at fault, or was the overheated level of hoping the culprit? I’ll leave you to fill in the blank.

While you may never developed this level of drama in your reactions (It isn’t fair!, Waaah!, Why me?, etc.), there are lesser letdowns in life which leave a slight chill in the air. For instance, a restaurant experience where one or more aspects of the visit were sufficiently underwhelming/annoying  to, in the back of your mind, get registered as: ‘That’s the last time I’ll go there.’ That’s a fairly forgettable example as we have such a wide selection of restaurants from which to choose. 

But, what about when you regularly hear people speaking of hearing God say things to them? Or simply being able to hear God’s voice? That can build a strong desire to know that for yourself. One of the pitfalls here, is striving to make this happen or engaging in ‘religious’ activities which will obligate God to respond (as if!). From personal experience, I can tell you how unfruitful such silliness can be. And embittering. And a source of self-condemnation at being ‘not good enough’ to merit His response. Even troubled thoughts of perhaps having lost our salvation! (bonkers!)

Here’s how I see this: God loves each of His children – each of His children! He relishes fellowship. He longs for it. He is a God of invitation, with arms always stretched out in welcome. I mean, He sacrificed the presence of His son because of this beyond-describing love! He is a jealous Father, more jealous for our attention than the most doting of grandparents. His desire for us is so great, He takes advantage of everything at His disposal to maintain communication with each of us. Think about that for a moment. How much, do you suppose, is ‘everything at His disposal’? Think of God’s ‘Omnis.’ He ‘speaks’ to us in many different ways, ways as individual as each of His children. Sure, through His Word, prayer, Christian fellowship, etc., but those are but a smattering of His ‘quiver’ of love-communication tools: sunshine on the bride’s day, that on-time sale of the house, that imminent car accident that somehow didn’t happen (guardian angel?), the unexplained disappearance of a cancerous tumor, the perfect job that came looking for you, and on and on and on . . . Have you ever ‘heard’ God speak to you? You betcha!  PD

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