Pentecosted People Persevering
June 23, 2024

Pentecosted People Persevering

Passage: Proverbs 4:20-27, Luke 21:29-36
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Jesus’ death was the payment of our ransom, redeeming us out of the grip of sin and death. It was the turning point in the war between God and Satan. Victory (Satan’s ultimate defeat) was now determined with a fixed end date (unknowable to us). At Pentecost, Jesus furnished his now-redeemed ones with all the power and protection they would need in the battles to be faced as that date approached. His Pentecost gift, the Holy Spirit, would be their in-house life coach, intimate friend, battle strategist (prayer counselor), and director of Love’s communications.

Proverbs 4:20-27, Luke 21:29-36

  1. 4:20-27 – A parent’s ______________________________________________

  1. Luke 21: 29-33 – A prophetic _________________________________________

  1. Luke 21: 34,35 – A priest’s ____________________________________________

  1. Luke 21: 36 – A King’s _______________________________________________

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