God’s Kingdom, Ours!
May 29, 2022

God’s Kingdom, Ours!

Passage: Luke 22:24-30, Acts 1:1-11
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The impact of bad news is intensified the closer it gets to us. Breaking news in another country wields limited power. That same news in our country packs a larger punch. In our town or city, more still; our community, growing ever larger; our home or family, it reaches deep into the red zone, with sirens wailing, hearts beating furiously, all other thoughts completely overwhelmed with urgency. Good news, too, has similarly increasing impact. albeit, thankfully, toward a different conclusion. For the disciples, Jesus’ many lessons about the Kingdom were ‘nice,’ but often stayed foggy, as distant theories not easily relatable. Jesus is gone now, and the disciples begin to unpack the stunning glory, the near incomprehensible majesty of what he had described to them as their inheritance.

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