Christ Unveiled

October 29, 2023
Jesus’ disciples, after three years of walking with him, watching him teach, heal, and interact with the crowds, often were left befuddled by him. Plus, his miracles! Only Peter, James…

Alone or In Tandem

October 8, 2023
The early Church lived an uprooted and overturned life, while the world around them stayed rigidly unchanged, ignorant of the new life Jesus offered. And the old life was seriously…

The One Main Thing

September 24, 2023
Jesus’ offering of his body to suffering, death and burial, caused mistaken, short-lived, celebration in Hell and permanent, full-on angelic rejoicing in the courts of Heaven. The gates, which had…

It’s All Light

September 17, 2023
Matthew 22:34-40; Matthew 6:22-24 – ________________the Priority of the Kingdom James 4:1-6 –______________________the Priority of the Kingdom Ephesians 5:1-14 –__________________the Priority of the Kingdom

The Light of the Way

September 10, 2023
Much of what Jesus taught his disciples had to pass through the filter of their current cultural understanding, where his lessons would frequently get stuck. Many times, the disciples failed…

The Light Now Ours

September 3, 2023
When God’s Majesty is seen accommodating the relative inferiority of mankind, it staggers the (human) imagination. Pondering the ever-expanding universe alongside the miniscule planet on which we live is equally…

By Intention Only

August 27, 2023
We have become the righteousness of God in Christ. He declares us flawless in his eyes. He, right now, sees us as His completed masterworks – His Magnum Opus. We…

Enemies, Neighbors, Friends

August 20, 2023
Life in the Kingdom of God is lived in stark contrast with life in the ‘kingdom’ of unredeemed people. The differences were constantly highlighted by Jesus’ way of life, his…